responsive joomla template

Simplex offers some excellent one click features to allow you complete control over your Responsive layout. If Responsive Joomla template Design is what you are looking for then you have found it. All the responsive options listed below are controlled in the template parameters, its that simple! To see the responsive layout work simply resize your browser window and watch the magic happen!

  1. We have completely re-done our responsive select menu to a new more elegant responsive menu system. The horizontal menu turns into a small menu icon on the top of the screen. By simply clicking on this the user can access all menu items in a nice dropdown responsive navigation.
  2. You have the ability to Turn the Responsive layout On/Off. If it is turned off then the site will display the same on all devices. When turned on the user will get the layout which bests suits their device.
  3. Add a Logo image to your Responsive layout for small devices. (Replaces the logo you will have for larger screens. This allows you to create a more suitable logo for your mobile device). If you do not want to display it simply turn it off.
  4. You have control over what module blocks to display on resolutions (under 440px). This gives the user a better browsing experience as there is less scrolling to do. Important links can be in your Hornav menu.
  5. Toggle Social links and search module on/off.

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